• "Humbly Serve Others, Actively Listen, Relentlessly Learn and Add Value"

    Results-oriented leader who transforms adversarial business and IT relationships into trusting partnerships that deliver measurable improvements to critical IT-enabled business processes

  • Who is Tom Turner?

    • Results-driven leader who partners with senior business and IT leaders to synchronize goals, objectives, funding, resources & tactical action plans
    • Manages the translation of a business need from an idea to a compelling proposed solution requiring management approved
    • Thrives as a member of a multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-location, cross-functional team.
    • Facilitates delivery of management approved action plan that measurably improve critical IT-enabled business processes
  • My Brand is: "Humbly Serve Others, Actively Listen, Relentlessly Learn and Add Value" .

    My Strengths are as a Connector, Orchestrator, Navigator, and Strategic Thinker.

  • My Work Products accurately and consisely communicate business needs and technical specifications

    Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations (Orders, Contracts, Chargebacks)

    This document accurately illustrates the IT-enabled business processes associated with the pharmaceutical manufacturer's relationship with their customers and products sold through drug wholesalers.